Think of the colorful Applique work on fabrics, the painstakingly done filigree work of Silver, the intricate carving work on wood and stones, the finery of Pattachitra on Palm leaves, canvas etc, the colourful and breathtakingly beautiful Papier Mache work, the brilliantly crafted weaves from handlooms making luxurious Sarees, fabric yardages and stole and much more. Not to forget the humble yet beautiful paddy craft, bamboo crafts, terracotta, lacquer  worked jewelleries & accessories,  jute crafts, Sabai grass crafts and many more- All these are some of the beautiful art and crafts work native to the state of Odisha.  

We, at Sarna work towards preservation, promotion as well as revival of  these treasures and help the artisans reach a global market through fair trade practices.

Our E-Commerce page for Odisha's art and craft is coming soon.....